The Third Trump–Clinton Debate


Mark it down in history, the presidential debates are now finished for 2016 with the final battle having taken place earlier this evening between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. The debate took place at the University of Nevada, in Las Vegas, and was moderated by Chris Wallace, of the Fox News Channel.

Kudos to Chris Wallace, I think he delivered a fine performance as moderator because this was the most substantive debate of the three. Wallace was careful to keep the audience toned down, scolding them on several occasions to stop cheering for answers they liked. He also evenhandedly lobbed difficult questions to each candidate, and then let them answer without arguing with them.

As for the candidates, it’s clear that Donald Trump had arguably his best debate performance so far, but, by most accounts, Hillary Clinton was not far behind him. Trump did get in many shots at topics which hadn’t previously been raised such as the Wikileaks emails and the Clinton Foundation. Hillary, for her part, repeated many of most damaging attacks against Trump including allegations from various women claiming Trump had sexually harassed or assaulted them in some way over the years.

Will this debate move the needle? That’s hard to say, but I think Trump did more to help himself in a debate setting than he did in the first two debates. We’ll have to wait for some new poll numbers and keep watching this campaign unfold into the final stretch.